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Daura Märzen

Daura Märzen

Daura Märzen

In 2014, Damm launched Daura Märzen, the first double malt gluten-free beer. It is a different, special beer; stronger, with more body and flavour than Daura gluten-free beer, but with the same guarantee of quality. Daura Märzen has an intense flavour and an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 7.2%, and, like Daura, its gluten content is less than 3 parts per million (ppm).
Daura Märzen

Tasting Notes

Daura Märzen is a vivid dark-copper colour and is clear and bright. The dark-ivory coloured head is dense and compact. It has a powerful aroma, loaded with toasted scents, suggestions of dried fruits and herbs and a touch of orange peel.
Daura Märzen is an intense, complex beer with a great bouquet. It has an assertive, deep, long-lasting taste and a full flavour. It is a beer of volume and texture, with a perfect balance between the sweet notes of malt, toasted nuances and a pleasant bitterness. A full-flavoured beer, best consumed between 4ºC and 8ºC

7.2% Vol.Alcohol by Volume

17.1ºPOriginal Gravity

34Bitterness (IBU)

18Colour (EBC)

gluten free

Double Malt
Gluten free
Type of beer