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  • Cuánto miden los tanques?

    25 metros de altura y 6 metros de diámetro aproximadamente.

    Cuántos litros caben en los tanques?

    750.000 litros.

    Donde tenéis ubicadas vuestras fábricas?

    Barcelona y Murcia

    Cuántas cervezas salen de cada tanque?

    Aprox 2.600.000 botellas ED 1/3.

    Toda la producción es nacional?

  • Cuando tarda en fermentar la cerveza?

    Una semana de fermentación y dos de guarda como mínimo.

    Cuáles son los ingredientes de una Estrella?

    Agua malta de cebada, arroz y lúpulo.

    Todos los ingredientes son 100% naturales?

    Si por las marcas principales y la mayor parte de las cervezas que producimos.

    Porque Estrella Damm trae arroz?

    Le aporta una suavidad a la cerveza que no aportan otros cereales.

    Las otras cervezas no traen levadura? Porque vosotros sí?

    Totes les cerveses utilitzen llevat durant el procés per poder fermentar els sucres del cereal i produir la cervesa. Aquest llevat es retira durant la filtració i no en queda al producte final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any animal-derived additives in your products?

No. At Damm we don’t use any animal-derived additives.

Do you use any transgenic products?

Damm can certify that it does not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the making of its products, raw materials or auxiliary products. All of our suppliers have quality systems that are inspected regularly by external certification organisations and by Damm technicians, which guarantee and monitor the non-transgenic origin of our raw materials and products and ensure that they are free of cross contamination throughout the manufacturing and transport stages, after which they are delivered to our facilities.

Are Free Damm and Free Damm Limón, your two alcohol free beers, suitable for pregnant women?

Yes! Our Free Damm and Free Damm Limón beers have been officially classified as 0.0% alcohol by volume. We make them using the same ingredients that we use to brew an alcoholic beer, by adding yeast and letting fermentation produce alcohol naturally. Then, using an advanced technique that we call vacuum distillation, we remove the alcohol until we obtain a product that is 0.0% alc./vol. Please check with you Doctor, or other qualified health care professional.
Find out more here: Free Damm, Free Damm Limón.

Do you have beers that are suitable for people who are gluten intolerant?

Yes! Daura, Daura Marzen and Daura Shandy are our beers that are suitable for coeliacs. After 3 years of research, we successfully developed a process that allows us to offer a range of "DAURA Damm Suitable for Coeliacs" products.  In order to guarantee their low gluten content, each batch produced is certified by the Spanish National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB) which forms part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Do your beers contain traces of milk?

We declare the absence of allergens such as milk or its derivatives in our beers.

What are the ideal conditions to store beer?

Keep it in a cool and dry location. Protect it from light. Keep it stored between 0 and 20ºC.

What happens to a beer when it passes its best before date? Can it still be drunk?

Beer is a product that over time loses its organoleptic properties. In other words, its flavour and appearance start to change, as it can become cloudy and darker. This alteration can be of varying intensity, depending on the storage time, conditions and temperature.
In any case, an old beer containing alcohol might have a cloudy appearance and an unpleasant taste, but it is never unhealthy for consumers, because, with beer containing alcohol, pathogenic microorganisms do not develop because of its pH, the almost total lack of oxygen, the degree of alcohol and the presence of hops.
The date printed on the label is a best before date, it is not an expiry date, so you can drink a beer after the date has passed, but, based on what we have just said, we recommend that beer is consumed as fresh as possible.

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